Heavy-Duty Progressive Cavity Pumps

The Heavy-Duty Progressive Cavity Pumps are designed for the most difficult positive displacement pumping applications like heavy and abrasive sludges, greases and slurries in sewage and reclamation processes as well as Return Activated Sludge (RAS), Thickened Waste Activated Sludge transfer (TWAS) and sludge dewatering and chopper transfer pumping in wastewater facilities. The series is well suited for the waste-oil and crude oil reclamation and transfer industry.

All Series parts such as Rotors and Stators or Wetted parts such as Connecting Rods and Seals dimensionally interchange as aftermarket replacements with other popular manufacturers pump models like the Moyno® 2000 Series and the Tarby® Century V Series, and the Continental® CG Series of Progressive Cavity Pumps potentially saving you and your facility thousands of dollars in replacement part costs yearly.

Over 500 wastewater, waste-transfer, and dewatering facilites in North America currently use parts in their daily service with little to no appreciable loss in performance vs. OEM competitors with a yearly savings averaging 35% over OEM prices for replacement pumps and parts.

The series starts with a heavy-duty cast iron bearing frame with large bearings to transmit heavy work loads easily and provide long service life. The pumps positive sealed universal joints are heavy-duty gear joints that keep the lubricant in and dirt and other foreign contaminants out during operation.

Pump rotors for the Series are milled from hardened tool steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel and then coated with hard chrome plating for increased durability and abrasives resistance. Special wear coatings like titanium or other exotic coatings are available upon request.

E012G1L Series Sludge and Sludge Dewatering PC Pump

The E012G1L is rated for 12 gallons per minute per 100 RPM.

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E022G1L Series Digester and Chopper Transfer PC Pump

The E022G1L is rated for 22 gallons per minute per 100 RPM.

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F036G1L Series Crude Oil Transfer and Sludge PC Pump

The F036G1L is rated for 36 gallons per minute per 100 RPM.

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F050G1L Series Sewage and Sewage Transfer PC Pump

The F050G1L is rated for 50 gallons per minute per 100 RPM.

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G065G1L Series Waste Activated Sludge PC Pump

The G065G1L is rated for 65 gallons per minute per 100 RPM.

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G090G1L Series Waste Activated Sludge PC Pump

The G090G1L is rated for 90 gallons per minute per 100 RPM.

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H115G1L Series Thickened Waste-Activated Sludge (TWAS) PC Pump

The H115G1L is rated for 115 gallons per minute per 100 RPM.

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J175G1L Series Sludge and Sludge Dewatering PC Pump

The J175G1L is rated for 175 gallons per minute per 100 RPM.

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