F050G1L Series PC Sewage And Sewage Transfer Pump

The F050G1L Series PC Sewage And Sewage Transfer Pump for heavy-waste soilds-laden sewage waste by up to 50% by volume allows even the toughest mediums to be pumped in lift stations. The F050G1L's low shear and gentle pumping action enables it to not emulsify the pumped liquid medium(s) making it an ideal pump for the sewage and liquified sewage transfer.

The F050G1L's flow rate of up to 50 gallons/100 revolutions @ 163 to 225 GPM and a temperature resistance of up to 350° degrees Fahrenheit allows it to work in the challenging environments of a sewage and waste facility.

All parts for the F050G1L Series PC Sewage And Sewage Transfer Pump such as rotors, stators and internal wetted parts such as seals and connecting rods are aftermarket replacements that dimensionally interchange with other popular manufacturers pump models like the *Moyno® 2000 Series, the *Tarby® Century V Series, and the *Continental® CG Series of Progressive Cavity Pumps.

The F050G1L Series PC Sewage And Sewage Transfer Pump is a standard ANSI flanged sewage pump design manufactured with high strength cast Iron or 316 Stainless Steel pump casings and designed in 1, 2 and up to 4 stages for 85, 170, and 350 psi discharge pressures making it an ideal low-cost, maintenance free drop-in replacement pump. Standard suction and discharge flange size for the F050G1L is 6".

The modular design comes with a positively sealed hardened gear joint assembly, hardened tool steel rotors or stainless steel rotors both with hard chrome plating and a wide selection of stators in Buna Nitrile, Viton®, EPDM and Natural Rubber.

All other wetted parts are either carbon steel or 316 stainless steel. The standard seal design is a set of packing with a Lantern Ring and flush connections. Mechanical seal options are readily available.

F050G1L Series PC Sewage And Sewage Transfer Pump - Technical Data

FLOW RATE - 163 - 225 GPM

PRESSURE - 85 - 350 PSI

SEAL OPTIONS - Packing and Mech. Seal

BASE OPTIONS - Carbon and Stainless Steel

INLET/OUTLET - 6" / 6" - ANSI Flange

ROTORS - Chrome Plated Tool Steel or Stainless Steel

STATORS - Buna Nitrile /Viton®/EPDM/Rubber


F050G1L Series PC Sewage And Sewage Transfer Pump Features

  • Low Shear

  • Solids handling up to 50%

  • Hardened Joints

  • Packing or Mechanical Seal

  • 3-Stage Options

  • Steel or Stainless Steel

F050G1L Series PC Sewage And Sewage Transfer Pump Brochure

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