Slade 3300GLC Pump and Valve Packing

Slade 3300GLC Pump and Valve PackingSlade 3300GLC Pump And Valve Packing

Low chloride grade. Slade’s Cost Effective Pump & Valve Packing for higher pressures. Each individual strand of graphite foil is reinforced with Inconel® wire that is shrouded with high strength carbon fiber.

Features Of The Slade 3300G

  • Reduces water consumption

  • Reduces energy consumption

  • Designed to run leak-free

  • Works well on worn sleeves

  • Can be run flush-free in non-abrasive applications

  • Mild flush in abrasive applications

  • Can be used in pumps, valves, mixers and other rotating equipment

  • Temp: Mild Oxidizers to 1800°F/1000°C (e.g., for temperatures over 1000°F/540°C, consult factory)

  • Rotation Speed: Flush free in many services to 4800FPM (1400m/min)

  • Pressures: Valves to 5000 PSI/350 BAR without end-rings

  • pH Range: 1-14


  • Item #: 3300GLC

  • Item Name: 3300GLC Valve and Pump Packing

  • Certifications: API 589, API 607

Typical Composition

  • Main Component: Graphite, Carbon

  • State of Main Component: Expanded

Working Parameters

  • Maximum Working Temperature: 1800 ºF, 1000 ºC

  • Maximum Pressure (Valves): 5000 psi, 345 bar

  • Maximum Pump Speed (without Cooling Flush): 4800 ft/min, 24.4 m/s

  • Chemical Resistance (Except in Strong Oxidizers): 0 to 14 pH


  • Two independent tests (PERF standards) by Major Oil Company show emission control 3.9 and 6.4 times better that (1/5 stac) die formed rings of flexible graphite foil.

  • Slade manufactures its own patented graphite foil yarns to achieve these standards.

  • No Flush Water Required in Most Cases

  • Reduced Amperage Typical

  • 4800 fpm (1400 m/min)

  • Excellent in Reciprocating Pumps

  • pH 0-14, except in strong oxidizers

  • Seals abrasive


  • One packing for pumps and valves

  • Works well on smoothly or worn sleeves

  • Difficult to over tighten

  • No flush water required in most applications

  • Reduced amperage typical


  • Pulp and Paper Mills

  • Nuclear, Fossil and Hydroelectric Power Plants

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Reciprocating Pumps

  • Cooling Tower Pumps

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • River Water Pumps

  • Fire Pumps

  • Auxiliary Pumps

  • Chemicals, Steam, Hydrocarbons etc.

3300G Pump Packing


Minimizes or Virtually Eliminates Leakage!
Due to its patented construction of  natural, expanded graphite yarns,  Slade 3300G turns the stuffing box into a heat sink, conducting heat away from shaft, in many applications, eliminating expensive leakage previously needed to cool the stuffing box.
Can Be Operated Flush-Free in Most Applications
Slade 3300G conducts heat away from the shaft/sleeve, in most cases making flush unnecessary. If media has particulate contamination, a very mild flush should be all that is requires.

No flush-water translates into:

  • Exceptional savings, typically 1/2 cent per gallon, or $13,000 annually (U.S.) (based on 5 GPM flush system)
  • No fear of flush-water system becoming plugged or experiencing loss of pressure

Reduces Inventory and Cost

  • By eliminating die-formed rings (cut-rings work fine)
  • Handles most medias, 1-14 pH, eliminating many styles of packing
  • In many applications, no need to remove old packing, just add a ring
  • Lasts 4 to 6 times longer than traditional pump packings

Worn Shafts and Sleeves Easily Sealed
Conforms to the geometry of the stuffing box and shaft.  Seals most worn sleeves.

Pump Sealing Technology

Why Traditional Packings Fail

How a Stuffing Box Should Look When Completely Packed Using Traditional Packings

Pump Packing

How a Stuffing Box Should Look When Completely Packed Using Traditional Packings

Pump Packing

Traditional packings are mostly fiber with added lubricants that can be squeezed, cooked or washed out, resulting in out-of position lantern rings, over-compressed packing and sleeve wear.

Slade Packed Centrifugal Pumps: Typical Stuffing Box  VERSES Slade Packed Stuffing Box

Typical Stuffing Box:  A typical stuffing box requires leakage and/or flush-water to dissipate heat, creating costly housekeeping problems, loss of product and/or loss of flush-water. Additional rings cannot be added without affecting position of lantern ring

Pump Packing

Slade Packed Stuffing Box:  In most applications, a Slade packed stuffing box can be run without flush-water and/or with virtually no leakage.  In many applications, both No-Flush & No-Leak are possible!  Additional rings can be added as needed.

Pump Packing

Flush-Free & Virtual Leak-Free Service

slade packed stuffing box

Depending on design of equipment and speed of shaft, a permanent split bushing may be installed last (after 3300G Rings).  Please  contact us for a recommendation. 

Seals Rotating Equipment 

Whereas most pump packings are largely abrasive fibers with added lubricants that can be squeezed, washed or cooked out, Slade 3300G utilizes the self-lubricating qualities of the very best natural, exfoliated graphite. 

Incorporating just enough temperature and chemical resistant ‘carbon fiber’ to make very high tensile strength yarns, Slade’s patented technology allows the braided packing rings to transfer frictional heat away from high speed shaft sleeves, eliminating the need, in most cases, for cooling water. 

Since cooling or flushing is not typically required, there is no need for lantern rings.  This eliminates the concern of the lantern rings being adjusted out of position, flush water ports becoming plugged, or sleeve wear caused by the corrosive nature of highly oxygenated water on hardened sleeves.

Pump Applications

For Steam, Nuclear and Hydro-Electric Plants

  • Boiler Feed Water

  • Boiler Recirculation

  • Condensate Pumps

  • Service Water Pumps

  • River Water Intake

  • Heater Drain Pumps

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • Clinker Grinders

  • Fly-Ash Pumps

  • Lime Slurry pumps

  • Auxiliary Feed-Water

  • Fire Pumps

For Pulp and Paper Mills

  • Refiners

  • Pulpers

  • Separators

  • Deflakers

  • Stock Pumps

  • Coating Pumps

  • Vacuum Pumps

  • Agitators

  • Condensate Pumps

  • Boiler Feed Pumps

  • Boiler Recirculation Pumps

  • Stock Chests

  • Mixers

  • Steam Vessels

  • Liquor Pumps

  • Outlet Device


DSS Sealing System

Pump Packing

Replaces expensive Mechanical Seals at 25% of the cost. Split to install without dismantling the pump

An alternative to machining costly bushings is to utilize Slade’s DSS Sealing System.  No machining, no dismantling of the pump.  Achieve leak-free, flush-free service.  It comes fully unitized, ready to install, and we'll inform you of the gland compression required. If you follow Slade’s installation instructions, you eliminate fear of over-tightening.

The SLADE DSS sealing system can achieve Mechanical Seal performance at packing costs. Contact Slade for information on the DSS bushings.


  • Check clearances and dimensions

  • Best to use no more than 5 rings in stuffing box (use DSS rings, Slade's spacer bushings, to reduce rings)

  • Cut rings on the bias (45° angle), stagger joints

  • Compress each ring 25%-30%  (use packing compressors as needed)

  • Loosen gland to allow it to relax

  • Snug the gland bolts and start the pump

Pump Packing


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