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3300C – Slade’s Cost Effective Pump and Valve Packing


Each yarn of graphite foil is reinforced with high strength structural carbon fiber


Non-oxidizers: -400°F/-240°C  to 5400°F/3000°C
Mild Oxidizers to 1800°F/1000°C


Valves to 1000 PSI/70 BAR (for higher pressures, consult factory)

pH Range:



Inconel wire reinforced for higher pressures: 5000 PSI/350 BAR


Low chloride, high purity for nuclear service 


Low sulfur, high purity for nuclear service 

3300G – Slade’s Best All Purpose Pump and Valve Packing


Corners and yarns of graphite foil reinforced with high strength structural carbon fiber


Non-oxidizers: -400°F/-240°C  to 5400°F/3000°C
Mild Oxidizers to 1800°F/1000°C


Valves to 5000 PSI/70 BAR without end-rings


Flush-free in many services to 4800 FPM (1400 m/min)

pH Range:



Chemicals, steam, hydrocarbons, etc.


  • One packing inventory for all pumps and valves

  • Works well on worn sleeves

  • Difficult to overtighten

  • No added lubricants to squeeze out or burn off

  • Eliminates flush-water in most applications

  • Not necessary to replace entire set, just add ring

  • Won’t glaze or harden

  • Eliminates most leaks

  • Amperage reduction of 15% is typical

  • No special end-rings required

  • Outlasts typical packings by factor of 6

  • 4800 fpm/24 ms (without flush water)

  • pH 1-14

  • Operates virtually leak-free in most applications

  • Low chloride/sulfur available for nuclear service


  1. Check clearances and dimensions

  2. Best to use no more than 5 rings in stuffing box (us Slade spacer bushings to reduce rings

  3. Cut rings on the bias (45° angle), stagger joints

  4. Compress each ring 25% (especially the first ring)

  5. Loosen gland to allow it to relax

  6. Snug the gland bolts and start the pump


Low chloride for nuclear service 


Low sulfur for nuclear service 

3300K – Slade’s Best Triplex Pump, Reciprocating Packing


Same as 3300C, but with added Kevlar fiber corners


Maximum temperature of 500°F/260°C


Reciprocating/plunger, wastewater, steam and ammonia pumps


5000 PSI/350 BAR

pH Range:


3300CJ – Slade’s Anti-Extrusion Carbon Fiber Packing


Carbon jacketed 3300C


Valves to 1000 PSI/70 BAR (for higher pressures, consult factory)


Used as anti-extrusion end-ring

3300CJK – Slade’s Anti-Extrusion Carbon Fiber Packing


3300C with Kevlar corners




Used as end-ring to provide anti-extrusion (especially with large throat clearances) and to provide barrier to particulate contamination

DSS Sealing System

Replaces expensive Mechanical Seals at 25% of the cost. Split to install without dismantling the pump

An alternative to machining costly bushings is to utilize Slade’s DSS Sealing System.  No machining, no dismantling of the pump.  Achieve leak-free, flush-free service.  It comes fully unitized, ready to install, and we'll inform you of the gland compression required. If you follow Slade’s installation instructions, you eliminate fear of over-tightening.

The SLADE DSS sealing system can achieve Mechanical Seal performance at packing costs.  Contact Slade for more information on the DSS bushing.

Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant

Slade’s self-forming gasket, the Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant, is made from patented graphite-foil encapsulated carbon-fiber reinforcement yarns. This self-forming gasket when in place is compressed to fit snugly. The Pyro-Tex Joint Sealant HP (high pressure) is made from the same patented graphite-foil encapsulated stainless-steel foil reinforcement yarns as our sheet. Available in 25 and 50 foot spools in various configurations, shapes, and thicknesses.

  • Change gasket without pulling tube bundles

  • Adhesive bonds in place during installation

  • Self forms into endless gasket

  • Made to virtually any thickness or width

  • Never hardens or dries out

  • Metallic reinforcement impedes extrusion

  • Readjustable, often re-usable

  • Individual strands reinforced with carbon fiber, 304 SS, or Inconel foil

  • Packaged on plastic spools

  • Inventory just one or two sizes

  • Eliminates the need to remove heat exchanger tubes from the shell

  • Performs better than:

    • Double jacketed metal gaskets

    • Spiral wound gaskets

    • Corrugated metal gaskets 

  • More reliable than TFE joint sealants

  • Eliminates large inventories

  • Easier to Handle

  • Stops damage from rough handling

  • Doesn't kink out of shape

  • Adjusts to warped flanges

  • Fills pits and scratches up to 1/8" deep


  • Stainless & Inconel versions 4500psi

  • Carbon fiber version 3500 psi


  • Stainless Steel version: 1400°F

  • Inconel Steel version: 1800°F

  • Carbon fiber version: 1800°F

Chemical compatibility:

  •  Consult Factory

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