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Sanitary valves are designed for use in applications requiring clean or sterile processing. Sanitary valves are commonly used in dairy, food, pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical applications.

The body material of sanitary valves can be metal or plastic.

Sanitary Valves

Top-Flo® TL60ARV Air Relief Valve

Air Relief Valve - Top-Flo® TL60ARV is used primarily when removal of air from a line without loss of product is a concern. The design of the Air Relief Valve - Top-Flo® TL60ARV is simple: a ferrule, a housing with a plastic ball, and a vent pipe all connected using 2 standard heavy duty clamps.

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Top-Flo® Sanitary Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Top-Flo® Sanitary Stainless Steel Ball Valves feature easy, 360º installation and equally easy servicing, thanks to a unique design that allows the ends of the valve to remain connected to your piping while the body is serviced.

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Top-Flo® Series 77 High Purity Ball Valve

Sanitary High Purity Ball Valves - Top-Flo® Series 77 have been developed to specifically address the stringent guidelines of the pharmaceutical and BIOPROcessing industries. These Sanitary High Purity Ball Valves innovative design includes construction from 316L stainless steel material on all wetted parts providing full traceability.

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Top-Flo® Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Delivering top flight performance and outstanding value in sanitary applications, Top-Flo® Sanitary Butterfly Valves are the result of years of research and field testing. All surfaces that come in contact with your product are constructed of 304 or 316L stainless steel with a sanitary finish.

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Top-Flo® Sanitary 3A Plug Valve

Rugged, sanitary and easy to clean, our Sanitary 3A Plug Valves create minimal pressure drops in your system. Sanitary 3A Plug Valves incorporate a tapered core design to eliminate hard to clean internal crevices and feature a 3A sanitary finish on the stainless steel parts.

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Top-Flo® Sanitary Check Valves

We have top quality 3A approved Top-Flo® Sanitary Check Valves for every application in your ultra pure system: concentric, ball or airblow.

Concentric Disc Sanitary Check Valves
Our T45mp concentric sanitary check valves include a unique design that allows complete disassembly with just a twist of a wing nut. They can be installed either vertically or horizontally, and they are ideal for CIP applications.

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Top-Flo® Sanitary Sample Valves

Draw uncontaminated samples from your sanitary system with one of Top Line's Stainless Steel Sample Valves. With a special design that minimizes "deadleg" areas that could trap bacteria, these sample valves feature positive shut-offs and weld or clamp connections. Body styles of the sample valves include in-line and right-angle.

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