Wilden® Gaskets - Pumper Parts

Wilden® Item Number Pumper Parts Item Number Description
01-2600-30 PP01-2600-30 Gasket, Air Valve, Fiber
01-2600-52 PP01-2600-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna
01-2615-52 PP01-2615-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, P1
01-2620-52 PP01-2620-52 Gasket, Air Valve, PX1
01-3500-30 PP01-3500-30 Gasket, Muffler Plate, Fiber
01-3500-52 PP01-3500-52 Gasket, Muffler Plate, Buna
01-3500-55 PP01-3500-55 Gasket, Muffler Plate, PTFE
01-3502-52 PP01-3502-52 Gasket, Muffler Plate, Buna, PX1
01-3505-52 PP01-3505-52 Gasket, Muffler Plate, Buna, P1
02-2600-52 PP02-2600-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna
02-3500-52-110 PP02-3500-52-110 Gasket, Muffler Plate
02-3500-52-500 PP02-3500-52-500 Gasket, Muffler Plate
02-3502-52 PP02-3502-52 Gasket, Muffler Plate, PX2
04-1325-51 PP04-1325-51 Gasket, Bolted, T-Section, Neoprene
04-1325-52 PP04-1325-52 Gasket, Bolted, T-Section, Buna
04-1325-53 PP04-1325-53 Gasket, Bolted, T-Section, Viton
04-1325-55 PP04-1325-55 Gasket, Bolted, T-Section, PTFE
04-1325-58 PP04-1325-58 Gasket, Bolted, T-Section, Santoprene
04-1375-55 PP04-1375-55 Gasket, T-Section, 1 1/2" EHEDG, TF
04-2600-52 PP04-2600-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna
04-2600-55 PP04-2600-55 Gasket, Air Valve, PTFE
04-2604-52 PP04-2604-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, W4
04-2605-52 PP04-2605-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, W4
04-2620-52 PP04-2620-52 Gasket, Air Valve, P4
04-3500-52 PP04-3500-52 Gasket, Muffler Plate, Buna
04-3500-52-700 PP04-3500-52-700 Gasket, Muffler Plate, Buna, P4
04-3500-55 PP04-3500-55 Gasket, Muffler Plate, PTFE
04-3502-52 PP04-3502-52 Gasket, Muffler Plate, PV4
04-3520-30 PP04-3520-30 Center Block Gasket, Fiber
04-3520-52 PP04-3520-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna
04-3521-52 PP04-3521-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W4
04-3522-52 PP04-3522-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W4 Sub
04-3524-52 PP04-3524-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W4 SS
04-3525-52 PP04-3525-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, P4
04-3526-52 PP04-3526-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, P4/P8
04-3527-52 PP04-3527-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W4
04-3529-52 PP04-3529-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, PV4-PV15
08-2600-52 PP08-2600-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna
08-2604-52 PP08-2604-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, W8
08-2605-52 PP08-2605-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, W8
08-3520-30 PP08-3520-30 Center Block Gasket, Fiber
08-3520-52 PP08-3520-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna
08-3521-52 PP08-3521-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W8
08-3522-52 PP08-3522-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W8 Sub
08-3524-52 PP08-3524-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W8 SS
08-3527-52 PP08-3527-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W8
15-1126-51 PP15-1126-51 Seat/Gasket Combo, Neoprene
15-1126-52 PP15-1126-52 Seat/Gasket Combo, Buna
15-1126-54 PP15-1126-54 Seat/Gasket Combo, EPDM
15-1126-56 PP15-1126-56 Seat/Gasket Combo, EPDM
15-1126-58 PP15-1126-58 Seat/Gasket Combo, Santoprene
15-1325-52 PP15-1325-52 Gasket, T-Section, Buna
15-1325-54 PP15-1325-54 Gasket, T-Section, EPDM
15-1325-55 PP15-1325-55 Gasket, T-Section, PTFE
15-2600-30 PP15-2600-30 Gasket, Air Valve, Fiber
15-2600-52 PP15-2600-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna
15-2615-52 PP15-2600-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, P15
15-3505-52 PP15-3505-52 Gasket, Muffler Plate
15-3520-30 PP15-3520-30 Center Block Gasket, Fiber
15-3520-52 PP15-3520-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna
15-3521-52 PP15-3521-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15
15-3522-52 PP15-3522-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15 Sub
15-3523-52 PP15-3523-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15 Plastic
15-3524-52 PP15-3524-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15 SS
15-3525-52 PP15-3525-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, P15
15-3527-52 PP15-3527-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15
15-3528-52 PP15-3528-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, T810/1510

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